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Thanks for having a look at The Dawn Patrol.

'The Dawn Patrol are outstanding. Not only can they get everyone in a room on the dance floor but they are the most pleasant gents we have met.'

Caitlin Duffy - Wedding, June 2019.

No doubt you're planning a wedding or event that needs live music? That's where we come in. We've been filling dance floors across Scotland for nearly ten years. It's safe to say that over that time we've become pretty good at it!

We've been described as 'One of the most in demand bands in the country.' (Del Cotton - MD at Hireaband Ltd, Scotland's biggest and busiest entertainment agency). With well over 1,000 weddings and events under our belts we won't argue with that.

When we originally put the band together we asked ourselves what we should say that would impress people enough to want to book us. We thought we could tell you that we're all seriously good musicians, but who really cares about that? Just listen to our demos and you'll be able to decide on that yourself. We could tell you we think we do a really good job, but you'd expect us to say that, so have a look at the genuine reviews on the site. We have hundreds but we've posted a decent sample for you to check - if we get time we'll post some more.

We could go on all day about music and what it means for us to earn our living playing it and how we pride ourselves in playing well, but none of that is really why people hire bands is it? People hire bands because of the impact they have on their parties; and whether you're getting married, celebrating a birthday or anniversary, or if you're a business or charity with hundreds, maybe even thousands of guests to impress and entertain, you don't really want to know if we practice till our fingers bleed (they used to but we've developed thick callouses by now). No, what you want to know the answer to a bunch of questions like this;

  • Will we be effective?
  • Will we play music for everyone? 
  • Will we know what to play and just as importantly, when to play it?
  • Will we turn up on time and not give you any cause to panic?
  • Will our equipment work properly?

And most importantly of all;

  • Will the band make me/my business look good?

Our answer to all of these questions is a resounding YES! We'll take care of you and your guests, we'll fill your dance floor and we'll give you all a night to remember for all the right reasons.

Interested? Great - check if we're free on your date and get an instant quote right here on the band's web site. If you'd rather speak directly to someone about the band we're pleased to say that we've appointed Scotland's favourite entertainment agency, Hireaband to represent us exclusively. Just drop our agent a line or call her on 0141 413 4060 and she'll be happy to help.