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Wedding & Events Band

Five Reasons …

Here’s our top five reasons for why you should book a band for your big day!

1) Ambience and Atmosphere – How exciting to walk into the reception room and see a band all set up and raring to go. This alone will instantly set the vibe for your guests and get them in the party mood! Any decent band will have a lead singer who is a natural expert at cranking up the atmosphere.

2) Set-lists and Repertoires – Experienced wedding and events bands should always have a lengthy list of classics to choose from. Usually these will be hits both old and new. You can contact your band in advance with a list of songs that you really want played at your reception OR you can also ask for anything you definitely want left out. That’s what wedding bands are for; to cater for your personal preferences. It’s your day after all….

3) The Cool Factor – A cool wedding band with the right look and sound will make your wedding one that is spoken about for ages afterwards.


4) You Can Join In – This can take on all sorts of meanings! Got an uncle who fancies himself as a bit of a rock-star? Get him up! Got a niece or nephew whose taking drum lessons? Get them up for a mini-jam! Fancy dedicating a song to your other half? Sure, just make sure the band know what song to play and bring the lyrics! Got a favorite song that you and your friends like to belt out after a few? Now’s your chance to perform with a live band!

5) It’s Live – Sounds obvious, I know. But, you just can’t beat a live band. It’s all happening in the moment, just like your big day itself!